33% Funded
$150000 Pledged of $455000 Goal


By the grace of Allah Ta ͑āla, we found a suitable building just across of our current location and purchased it on March 27, 2019. In order to close on time, we had to take out a loan amounting to $455,000 from many large-hearted brothers and sisters. Presently, we’re obligated to pay back this amount by the end of Ramadhān. More over we need $150,000 for the construction of masjid to be ready for Salah.

Please help us to settle our debts on time. This may easily be accomplished (Inshā-Allāh Ta ͑āla) if 200 supporters each sponsor one musalla for $3,000 (they can either make a one-time payment or pay in installments.

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