Assalamu Alikum wrwb.
Dear Guardians, because of Covid-19 pandemic our Madrasah’s all classes will be closed
until further notice. Be Safe. Jazakumullah

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Help us keep the house of Allah open and the servants of the masjid afloat during the pandemic.

As-Salāmu  ͑Alaykum Wa-Raḣmatullāhi Wa-Barakātu

Respected Brothers and Sisters,

We pray that you’re safe and sound at this difficult time. As the COVID-19 continues to upend daily life for all of us, Jāmiah Dār as-Sunnah remains committed to providing the essential religious services that our community needs.

  • (Hifzul Quran *Alim Course *Afternoon Maktab *Weekend Maktab *Adult Class for the young and the elders

We also provide social services like:

  • Five times daily Salah

  • Weekly Jumuah Salah *Eids Salah *Janaza Salah

  • Marriage Ceremony

  • Sponsoring poor students, here and overseas (by Zakat/Fitrah )

  • Helping widow and disable persons

  • Education and service for New Muslims.

Jamiah Darus Sunnah runs solely on the generous donations of our kind Muslim brothers and sisters, and it is exactly in these kinds of troubling times that we all have been encouraged to donate even more open-heartedly to our masajid to please Allah SWT.

We are a nonprofit organization, and we do not receive financial assistance from any organization or the government.

Only with your continued support can we continue to pay our hardworking Imaams and Muftis and cover utilities, rent, and other such monthly expenses that we all incur, regardless of the situation outside.

We humbly request you to support Jamiah Darus Sunnah and the effort of instilling Deen in the hearts of our children and preserving it across generations.

Without the masjid, our communities will be lost, and our futures will be deprived of Islam and its knowledge. As we cannot accept in-person donations, we have made it possible to donate in a variety of other forms,

including PayPal, Venmo, Zelle and Donorbox.

Given the developing situation regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus, our masjid has been forced to shut down. As an unfortunate result, we have been unable to collect any donations in person during any Friday prayers or during our weekly collections.

Jāmiah Dār as-Sunnah functions as both a center of worship and an educational institute in serving fellow Muslims and helping them fulfill their religious obligations. Our monthly expenditures come to nearly $7000 and include staff-salaries, rent, and utilities.

Please help us continue this noble effort of Deen through your Duās and generous contributions. With a small donation and a share, you can help the Jāmiah cover all its expenses and enable it to continue serving the community and to stay afloat during this difficult time so that we may continue to be there for our community throughout this crisis and after.

“Allah does not let the reward of the righteous go to waste.”

Sūrah Hūd – Verse 115

Sincerely your brother in islam

Khalid Kawser

Khadim of JDS


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